Development of the industrial construction complex


Rosatom's CEMCP was recognized as the Industry Competence Center (ICC) for upgrading qualifications of engineering and construction personnel.


Arrangement of the effective system for training of highly qualified personnel engaged in the nuclear construction industry.


  • Formation of requirements to competencies and educational programs
  • Organization of certification of specialists employed by Technical Customer Service and designers
  • Professional public accreditation of educational programs related to design, engineering, construction, and decommissioning of nuclear facilities
  • Independent qualifications' assessment
  • Development and popularization of the nuclear construction industry: organization of the annual competition "Best Expert", conferences, and strategic sessions


  • Methodological and organizational support was provided for certification of employees of the Technical Customer Service and designers. Over 12,000 designers from 22 industrial organizations and over 5,000 employees of the technical customer service from 64 organizations passed the certification process.
  • 38 professional standards were developed and approved
  • Targeted training on construction subject was organized for over 200 people
  • Retraining and advanced training programs were developed, as well as specialized courses on value engineering
  • There was established the Center for Qualifications' Assessment with reference to design, engineering, construction, and decommissioning of nuclear power facilities. Assessment procedures were conducted for over 250 applicants CEMCP's CQA was authorized to conduct independent qualifications assessment in accordance with 12 industry and federal (comprehensive) professional standards
  • There was organized and launched the project named "Development of Construction Student Teams engaged in the nuclear industry". Since 2008, over 15 thousand students have participated in the activities of construction student teams within 26 domestic and foreign construction sites (19 in Russia and 7 overseas). Over 300 young specialists were further employed as a result of career guidance activities
  • In 2022, the nuclear industry construction team movement set a record in terms of scale and number: over two thousand of young people were involved in Rosatom's regional construction projects, as well as international projects in Belarus, Türkiye, Bangladesh, and Egypt
  • Rosatom's CEMCP was included in the register of accrediting organizations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Enlightenment of the Russian Federation
  • There was carried out professional public accreditation of 22 programs of higher and additional professional education


  • Labor market monitoring
  • Development and quick actualization of the models related to competences and professional standards
  • Involvement in development of the Sectoral Qualification Framework and state professional education standards
  • Carrying out of attestation and independent assessment of qualifications
  • Dual education system
  • Construction student teams