Development of the nuclear industry building complex


СEMCP ROSATOM has been assigned as Expertise Branch Center for Continuing Professional Development of the construction-engineering staff (EBC).


Establishing an effective training system of highly qualified specialists in nuclear construction industry.


  • Formation of the requirements with respect to expertise and educational programs
  • Carrying out the Technical Client Department and design engineers’ performance assessment.
  • Professional public accreditation of educational programs in the field of design engineering, engineering, building and construction works and nuclear facilities decommissioning
  • Independent assessment of qualification
  • Development and promotion of the nuclear industry construction sector: holding the annual contest «The Best in Profession», conference, workshops


  • Methodical and organizational supervision of certification of technical client and design project departments employees has been Implemented. More than 7600 design engineers from 22 industry companies and 4000 technical client workers from 60 organizations have been certified
  • 9 professional standards have been developed and approved, 18 standards are under development at different stages
  • An employer-sponsored educational program «Construction» has been launched, more than 200 students
  • Employee retraining programs and advanced professional training programs, as well as specialized courses on cost engineering has been developed, over 3000 employees were trained
  • The Qualification Assessment Center for design, engineering, construction and decommissioning of nuclear facilities has been established. 14 assessments for 182 employees were conducted
  • QAC СEMCP is authorized to conduct an independent assessment of qualifications in 12 industry and federal (cross-cutting) professional standards
  • The project «Development of the student construction brigade movement in the nuclear industry» was launched. Since 2008, more than 10,500 students have participated in the student construction brigade movement. They have worked at 14 Rosatom capital investment construction sites in the Russian Federation and at 6 NPP construction facilities abroad
  • The State Corporation Rosatom and the Russian National Public Youth Organization «Russian Construction Brigades» (RNPYO RCB) have signed a new strategic partnership agreement until 2024. And for the first time in the industry, there was launched two All-Russian Student Construction Projects at once, one at FSUE PO Mayak and other at Leningrad NPP-2 construction facilities
  • The VII Skills Competition «The Best in the Nuclear Capital Construction Industry» was held, which gathered together 67 companies and organizations and about 1800 participants in 19 nominations


  • Labor market monitoring
  • Expertise frameworks and professional standards development and keeping up-to-date
  • Taking part in the industry qualification models development and state standards of professional education
  • Carrying out independent qualification assessment and certifications
  • System of dual education
  • Student construction teams