Development of the nuclear industry building complex

Development of the nuclear industry building complex

The OCKS of State Corporation «ROSATOM» has been assigned as Expertise Branch Center for Continuing Professional Development of the construction-engineering staff (EBC).


Establishing an effective training system of highly qualified specialists in nuclear construction industry.


  • Formation of the requirements with respect to expertise and educational programs.
  • Carrying out the Technical Client Department and design engineers’ performance assessment.
  • Professional public accreditation of educational programs in the field of design engineering, engineering, building and construction works and nuclear facilities decommissioning.
  • Independent assessment of qualification.
  • Development and promotion of the nuclear industry construction sector: holding the annual contest «The Best in Profession», conference, workshops.


  • It is for the first time ever in industry, when competency framework has been established along with performance appraisal of the staff, who is involved in nuclear facility design (more than 2500 people from 21 organizations were certified).
  • 9 professional standards are worked out, 4 standards are under development.
  • Sponsored university course in “Construction”, there are more than 200 students.
  • Retraining and further training programs and also specialized value engineering (VE) courses have been established, more than 2000 people were trained.
  • Technical knowledge and professional skills (TKPS) assessment of about 1000 workers from 61 companies, who are involved in cost management.
  • Qualification Assessment Center in the field of design engineering, engineering, building and construction works and nuclear facilities decommissioning has been established, for 22 applicants have undertaken the practical evaluation , website for EBC OCKS has been created.
  • EBC OCKS has the responsibility for carrying out independent qualification assessment of the companies, who are involved in the implementation of State Corporation «ROSATOM» capital investment programs according to industry and federal (cross-cutting) professional standards.
  • Russia-wide labor project has been for the first time organized, it has united 675 students from 27 constituent territories of the Russian Federation. In 2017 onsite of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Mayak Production Association» was organized the most outstanding student event «Atom for Peace»: 15 objects and more than 1500 participants.
  • For the first time student's groups have taken part in construction of the NPP «Rooppur» in Bangladesh. The international student's labor projects realized in nuclear industry are unprecedented in Russia.
  • The fifth annual anniversary contest «The Best in Nuclear Capital Construction Industry» has been held. 140 companies and about 400 participants in 11 nominations have taken part in it.


  • Labor market monitoring
  • Expertise frameworks and professional standards development and keeping up-to-date
  • Taking part in the industry qualification models development and state standards of professional education
  • Carrying out independent qualification assessment and certifications
  • System of dual education
  • Student construction teams