Project implementation monitor

Project implementation monitor

One of the key goals of the State Corporation «ROSATOM» «The Branch centre of the capital construction» is to ensure an effective capital investments which are carried out by the enterprises of the of State Corporation «ROSATOM». Private institution of State Corporation «ROSATOM» «OCKS» is intended to provide effective interaction of the structural divisions of State Corporation «ROSATOM», that are involved in the Federal Target Programs, the Federal Targeted Investment Programs (FTIP) and the State Defensive Order (SDO) implementation with final customers when performing the planned quantity of activity.

Modern nuclear facilities construction monitoring system, under State Corporation «ROSATOM» «OCKS» development, is one of the effective tools to achieve State Corporation «ROSATOM» «OCKS» goal.

The control over efficiency of capital investments exercised by the enterprises entering a contour of management of ROSATOM State Corporation:

  • In-company monitoring and information reporting
  • Execution Deadline Control
  • Industry standards maintenance control
  • Coordination with Research Guidance Center (RGC)
  • Industry analysis and design documentation estimation
  • Cost and Pricing Control
  • Effective Intended Expenditure Control
  • Field check

Today State Corporation «ROSATOM» «OCKS» holds responsibility for:

  1. Technical Customer justification control for FAIP and GOZ objects capital investment plans;
  2. Timing control of FAIP and GOZ development and adjustment with regard to capital investments projects;
  3. Timing and accuracy control of FAIP and GOZ objects long-term capital investment projects;
  4. Timing control of contracting for delivery of goods and services for FAIP and GOZ objects capital investment projects implementation;
  5. Timing control of design and estimate documentation development and adjustment, its transfer for consideration to FAI Glavgosexpertiza of Russia or to State Corporation «ROSATOM» state examination, receiving favorable opinions and also on-time of the design and estimate documentation approval by technical customer departments;
  6. Timing control of development and issue approved for construction detail engineering design documentation;
  7. Timing control of equipment production and supply;
  8. Timing control of meeting the production schedules of construction and installation and pre-commissioning activities;
  9. Compliances control of the actual resources with opportunities of the contract companies, involved in FAIP and GOZ objects capital investment projects implementation, for a certain period;
  10. Control for FAIP and GOZ objects capital investment implementation in a month, quarter, half-year, year with risk identification of non-performance of planned financial and economic parameters and key events;
  11. Control of start-up facilities on-time implementation for the acceptance commission; obtaining the report on the conformity of the finished construction and permission to place an object of construction into use.

State Corporation «ROSATOM» capital constructional management target model

The OCKS area of responsibility in processes of State Corporation ROSATOM capital investments control system

As part of monitoring, State Corporation «ROSATOM» «OCKS» designated representatives on an ongoing basis perform nuclear facilities field checks, attend site offices and take part in other key activities.

Based upon everyday monitoring, The OCKS provides nuclear facilities insights for State Corporation «ROSATOM» Management Board for on-time executive decision-making.

Currently, State Corporation «ROSATOM» «The Branch centre of the capital construction» maintains more than 250 nuclear industry projects, in the short term the number of the guided projects will increase to 800.

Establishing of the consolidated database on all construction projects of the enterprises under State Corporation «ROSATOM» management is meant to be one implementation results of the nuclear industry monitoring system of capital investments. Database will contain information on the course of maintaining construction and installation and pre-project planning works, detailed design documentation, equipment supplies and planning budgetary provisions and other financial sources limits disbursement.