«This season will be not about the money, but about the interaction and experience»: An online working semester started in Moscow



«This season will be not about the money, but about the interaction and experience»: An online working semester started in Moscow

On June 11, for the first time in online environments, the opening ceremony of the 61st working semester of Moscow student brigades took place.

Each and every year, the traditional opening ceremonies were held on the territory of the Lomonosov Moscow State University historical center of student brigades, but this time students of Moscow student brigades, fr om all over Russia, opened the summer working semester in online environments.

More than 750 student-fighters from different parts of the country simultaneously participated in the opening of the working semester, wh ere invited guests gave the students pep talks, to boost up their confidence, tell them not to give up and accept these difficulties as a growth point of our huge movement.

Over the years of its existence, student brigades’ movement has become a reliable Institute of labor, patriotic and professional upbringing of young people, as well as a multidisciplinary platform for students' personal fulfillment. In 2019, more than 1500 students entered the working semester: 4 brigades of conductors, 7 hospitality services brigades, 15 teacher training brigades and 33 construction brigades, who also worked at the construction sites of international nuclear power plants in Bangladesh, Turkey and Finland.

Now, despite the distance and obstacles, the brigades of Moscow have gathered together online to kick off the working semester. Andrey Golovanov, Head of the Communications and Qualifications Development Office at the Rosatom Centre of Expertise for Major Construction Projects (CEMCP Rosatom), delivered a welcoming speech. He congratulated the students on the start of the new working semester and wished them success in the accomplishment of their work.

Welcoming the participants, Alexander Bugaev, Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, drew attention to the importance of the activities of student brigades. «I don't need to tell you, how important it is for young people what you're doing now. Labor education is not only about money or friends, it is, first of all, what is called a positive example,» he stressed.

Yekaterina Dragunova, Chairperson, Moscow Committee on Public Relations and Youth Policy, noted: «In spite of today's difficult environment, you are really doing a good job. Now it is important for people, because your arrival will bring joy to those with whom you will work.»

Numerous brigades of the major universities in Moscow and the Moscow region declared their readiness for the working season. The representatives of the educational establishment headquarters reported to Yulia Drozhzhina, Commander of the Moscow regional branch of RSB, who participated in the opening standing by the monument dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the student brigades’ movement near the Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Moscow's student brigades are ready for summer, no matter what. In the next few days, the fighters of the construction brigades will leave for large-scale construction projects of the country, and the camp counselors will go to all-Russian children's centers. For each student, the upcoming summer is a great opportunity not only to discover new talents, but also to make a contribution to the development of our movement by gaining work experience for the benefit of the country.