TCM NC Construction Management System Has Been Successfully Rolled Out



TCM NC Construction Management System Has Been Successfully Rolled Out

The delegation of Rosatom State Corporation took part in a joint seminar with representatives of the Bulgarian nuclear industry organizations and nuclear energy independent international experts. The main topic for discussion was the possibility of practical application of Rosatom system – Total Cost Management Nuclear Construction (TCM NC) – at infrastructure projects of the Republic of Bulgaria. Also, Bulgarian companies made a request for the Cooperation Roadmap and the formation of an international project team of specialists to ensure effective management of construction projects.

Previously, the NC TCM system was presented to experts in a number of partner countries, as well as at a technical meeting at IAEA, where there was an active discussion of approaches to estimating the cost of projects with colleagues from the United States, England, Korea and China. Rosatom's experience is recognized as unique and is included in the Project Management Body of Knowledge. “There is no full-blown cost management system for the construction of such facilities as NPPs anywhere in the world today. In addition to the selective management effect, our system provides an opportunity to significantly improve the quality of the project as a whole, so it is logical that the demand for NC TCM is very high", – said Gennady Sakharov, the Director of capital investments, state construction supervision and state expertise of State Corporation Rosatom. He also stressed that the program was created by the Rosatom team on the basis of vast international experience, and assessment and control methods based on modern digital technologies allow for quick decisions at all levels of management and are applicable in all areas of business.

By now the system is ready – the industry is undergoing transformation of the construction project management model based on the principles of cost engineering and the use of resource estimation method, covering the entire life cycle of the nuclear power plant. Based on the world-class approaches of the International Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE International), 36 major methodological documents have been developed. In order to implement new TCM NC processes, new requirements for the organizational structures of the NPP construction participants have been formed and changes in the functionality of the subdivisions have been made.

During the seminar, an agreement on cooperation between the Association of Nuclear Industry Organizations of Bulgaria and The Association of Organizations of the Construction Complex of the Nuclear Industry (ACCNI) was signed, which includes a wide range of initiatives. The associations intend to cooperate in attraction of highly qualified personnel, development and implementation of programs of professional training of engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers in the construction of nuclear power plants and other facilities. The parties agreed to assist the organizations performing works on NPP construction sites in obtaining the necessary admissions, certifications and personnel assessment reviews for the organization of works on the construction of the nuclear power plant site. Taking into account the special business relationship in terms of advisory and engineering activities, the parties intend to expand cooperation in technical standards and regulatory documents development in the field of project management, control and construction technologies. Countries experts plan to exchange experience in the preparation and implementation of processes and best practices of construction projects management, to form and develop an effective mechanism of professional discipline and exchange information at professional seminars, meetings and events.